The Essentials, Part 4: Pizza

Forget all about Friday the 13th, did you know that tomorrow is Pi Day? (as in the date, 3.14.15, for those of you who aren’t math geeks).  So, Happy Pi Day (one day early)! In honor of Pi Day, here are my picks for local pizza.  Pi, Pizza Pie, see what I did there? ?

Anyhoo.  Who doesn’t love pizza?  It’s the classic stand-by for easy Friday night dinner, parties, and well, just because.  And there as many different varieties as there are pizza lovers: plain slice, or loaded with toppings?  And styles? Well, what about deep-dish, Grandma, Sicilian, classic crust, stuffed crust, flatbread, thin-crust, the list goes on and on.

There are many different opinions on what makes for a great pizza, but here’s my take my on where to go around the area for consistently great pizza (alphabetical by town):


Emma’s Brick Oven Pizza and Café – 101 North Union Avenue, Cranford. 908.497.1211. Delivery: No.

Great brick-oven thin crust pizza, famous for its buffalo mozzarella cheese topping.  Large menu features a selection of pastas, sandwiches, and salads. Loud, bustling atmosphere, a perennial favorite with locals.


Vinny’s – 28 Eastman Street, Cranford, 908.709.9000. Delivery: Yes

Grandma pies that are mouth-watering.  The menu also includes entrees, pasta dishes, and sandwiches, as well as a number of gluten-free options. Check out this recent spotlight from the folks at Downtown Cranford!


Roma Pizzeria – 98 North Avenue, Garwood. 908.789.1170. Delivery: Yes.

Roma’s pizza is consistently good, with a delicious fresh sliced tomato topping. The menu features a wide selection of entrees, sandwiches and appetizers, including meaty Buffalo wings that can be ordered to taste.  Fast, reliable delivery.


Capri Pizza – 524 Boulevard, Kenilworth, 908.276.7494. Delivery: Yes.

This is probably my favorite pizza choice in the area. Their pizza crust is just the right combination of chewy and crisp, IMHO. Their subs are also tasty, with very generous portions.  Very friendly staff.


Three Guys from Italy – 19 North 20th Street, Kenilworth. 908.272.2553. Delivery: No. Cash Only.

Their pizza is delicious.  And, their full menu never fails to satisfy, with many scrumptious dishes (my fave is the veal and eggplant parmigiana).  Portions are very large, usually enough for two meals.  A top choice for takeout night in the Browning household!


Casa di Pizza – 50 Elm Street, Westfield. 908.654.3232. Delivery: Yes

We usually end up here after epic shoe shopping battles with the tots at Castle Bootery (right next door). Pizza really does soothe the savage beasts.  Great slices (try the arugula slice!), with a nice crust.  Delicious salad with homemade salad dressing.


Didn’t see your favorite here?  Which pizza place is your go-to? Add a Comment!