I Just Bought a House, Now What? Getting all the “stuff”

I Just Bought a House, Now What? Getting all the “stuff”

When we first purchased our house, we thought we had a good handle on everything that home ownership included.  We had previously owned condos and felt our experience would serve us well.  Sure, we knew there would be a few trips to Home Depot or Lowe’s, but no sweat, right?


As it turned out, we needed to hit Home Depot or Lowe’s on an almost-daily basis for the first month.  Condo living definitely did not prepare us for the stuff we needed!

We moved in December, which meant that we immediately needed all “general stuff” and “winter stuff”. Then, as spring, summer, and fall of that first year came around, we then had more “stuff” to buy.  Of course, in the years that followed, we have added to this list exponentially, but that first year was all about getting the basics.  (Note: we were fortunate in that we did not have to replace any major appliances right away).

So, what on earth did we get?! Here’s a somewhat terrifying breakdown of the purchases we made that first year:


General Stuff

Keys and Locks for all exterior doors

Garbage cans with lids

Recycling cans with lids

Extra heavy duty garbage bags

Vacuum cleaner. We already had one, but purchased a second to keep on the second floor.


Ladder (6 foot)

Lightbulbs – 60, 100 watt

Batteries – AA, AAA, C, D

Basic tool kit (42 piece)

Flashlights (2)


Extension cord and surge protector

Duct tape


Furniture felt pads

Utility lighter

Picture Hanging Kit

Push Broom

Paint Brushes: one-inch to four-inches

Paint Scraper

Five Gallon Container for mixing paint

Paint Screen

Paint Roller and Sleeves

Drop Cloths/Plastic Sheeting

Paint Tape


Winter Stuff

Snow shovels – 2 (or snowblower if you’re getting really fancy right away!)

Bag(s) of ice melt


Fall Stuff

Rakes – 2

Tarp (for gathering leaves)

Leaf blower


Spring/Summer Stuff


Garden hose

Hose wheel

Soaker hose


Potting soil


Watering Can

Gardener’s tool kit


And of course…

Case of beer (or favorite bottle of vino).  Repeat for each trip you make, to ease the sticker shock at the register!

So, for you first time home buyers, when someone asks you what to give for a housewarming gift, “gift card” might be the way to go! (unless they are willing to buy and gift wrap garbage cans, of course).

What else would you add to this list? Add a Comment and let us know!