Monthly Market Activity Report – Nov 2018

Monthly Market Activity Report – Nov 2018

Is it me, or did the weekend go by in a flash? But with a new week comes a new start. With that, I am pleased to present the latest installment of my Monthly Market Activity report, for month ending November 2018.

The Monthly Market Activity report allows you to easily track the latest monthly sales as reported on the Garden State MLS. The report gives great insight in to the latest sales prices in your town, and even better, important market data points like Sale Price to Original List Price, Sale Price to List Price, and Days on Market. It shows the Monthly details, and Year to Date stats to track the trend of monthly activity over the past calendar year.

How can this help you?

As a prospective homebuyer, the Monthly Market Activity report allows you to follow sale prices of specific homes you may be interested in. It also allows you to view sale prices of homes that are within your price range. That market data allows you to get a better understanding of the market, and make a competitive offer when the time comes.

As a prospective homeseller, the Monthly Market Activity report allows you to see the sale prices and Days on Market of similar homes in your area, and that market information will guide you to set an asking price for your home that will allow you to sell your home as quickly as possible, for the most money possible.

And of course, there’s always the “nosy neighbor” reason! 🙂

Follow the link below for all the latest market activity information!

November Monthly Reports

If you have any questions on the Monthly Market Activity report, or if you are a data geek (like me!) and want even more in-depth info, please give me a shout!